Let us match you with other non-competitive contractor principals and give you access to exclusive peer-to-peer conversations, research, and best practices.


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What is a Peer Group?

Equipment World Peer Groups create exclusive, interactive communities of leaders committed to transforming their businesses. These peer groups are small groups of non-competitive contractor principals (no more than 20), formed to engage in frank discussions about business issues, best practices, technology developments, and other topics related to running a successful contractor firm. These discussions take place at two annual live events, and through ongoing dialog in a private, online forum. Here, members can tap into the experience of fellow contractor principals to gain insights on how to better run their business through substantial conversations fostered in an intimate and private setting.

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right-arrowWhy join?

Nothing is more valuable in helping you make new, sound business decisions than the experience of other trusted, successful people who do the same thing you do.


Interact with fellow group members at bi-annual, in-person meetings in June and November

Event staff will record and deliver a detailed synopsis from each in-person meeting

Access to a private online portal with links and content relevant to your group

Chat with your peers and get your questions answered in exclusive group forums



right-arrowMember Commitment

  • Keep all information shared within peer group in the strictest confidence
  • Be willing to share company practices in a professional discussion
  • Maintain a high level of business integrity
  • Offer full disclosure on any business investments or other vested interests if they relate to topics discussed in the group. For instance, if a member has invested in a product, they must disclose his investment prior to discussing the product with other members
  • Maintain membership fees and business qualifications
  • Members should be thoroughly prepared for in person meetings to maintain a high level of discussion
  • Members should miss no more than one in-person meeting in a two-year time frame
  • Members should be willing to host the peer group at their business if called upon. (No financial obligation required by host)


right-arrowAm I qualified?

To qualify for Equipment World Peer Groups, you must...

  • have a minimum of 5 years in business
  • have a minimum of $2.5 million in sales annually 
  • have an active business license
  • be non-competitive with other members of peer group
  • be the owner, CEO or president
  • be a private company engaged in commercial construction
  • accept and sign all terms and conditions

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