Standard Application

Standard Application

1 Terms and Commitment
2 Application
  • If you are a Contractor of the Year Finalist and received an invitation from us to join an Equipment World Peer Group, please complete your registration here.


    • Minimum 5 years in business
    • Minimum $2.5 million in sales annually
    • Active business license
    • Must be the owner, CEO or president
    • Non-competitive with other members of peer group
    • Private companies engaged in heavy-highway, civil and commercial construction
    • Must accept and sign all terms and conditions

    *Purpose of the membership commitment: To preserve the integrity of the group and the value of the membership.

    • Keep all information shared within peer group in the strictest confidence
    • Be willing to share company practices in a professional discussion
    • Maintain a high level of business integrity
    • Maintain membership fees and business qualifications
    • Members should be thoroughly prepared for conference calls and in person meetings to maintain a high level of discussion
    • Members should miss no more than one in-person meeting and one conference call in a two-year time frame
    • Members should be willing to host the peer group at their business if called upon. (No financial obligation required by host)

    *Members who fail to uphold the membership commitment or qualifications may be dismissed through members’ ¾ majority vote.